Every sign is hand cut and hand lettered so no two signs are exactly the same here and we wouldn't want it any other way! With that being said, providing an exact price can be tricky until we have had a chance to discuss your plans for the sign! So, keep in mind these are rough estimates and your final price could be more or less depending on your unique ideas. Please add desired size of sign in email to get a quote for the sign you need!

If you need lettering added to already purchased items for your special day, send an email and we can discuss pricing! 

Wood sign Prices


Welcome Sign: $40-60+

Bar Sign: $30-45+

Food Menu Sign: $45-65+

Dessert Sign: $30-45+

Seating chart (100 names): $100+

acrylic Prices

8.5x10: 20+

18x24 1/4" thick: $55+

24x36 1/4" thick: $90+

24x 48 1/4" thick: $120+

Seating chart (100 names): $150+